Football Dad by Jeff Neems

Football Dads are everywhere … and not just in football. They’re the parent who volunteers to help with their kids’ sports team – or who are left with the job when other parents go missing. This well-crafted volume of amusing columns comes from a father who has spent many hours travelling to and from games, tirelessly helping his kids as they take up The Beautiful Game.Through Football Dad you’ll meet the oddballs he meets on the sidelines and in the clubrooms. Many a parent will recognise these characters … and smile.Football Dad’s collection of stories were originally published in the award-winning football magazine The Range, published by WaiBOP Football in New Zealand. They have also appeared in FANZ, the official magazine of Friends of Football.

Author: Jeff Neems

Hanging out the Washing by David Price

The other day, I met the Captain of the Malawi Skydiving team, and if that picture conjures up an image of a big, strong, young man with a daredevil gleam in his eye, you’re in for a surprise.
The captain’s name is Ingrid Elisabeth Price. She’s a slim 5ft 5in brunette and the mother of three children. She’s got that gleam in her eye, though, whenever she starts talking about parachuting. I asked her what made her want to do it.”
‘It was when we lived in Pirbright, Surrey. My husband, Gordon was stationed there with the Grenadier Guards as a Paratrooper. I was hanging out the washing when I heard the engines of an aeroplane stop overhead. I looked up and saw three tiny figures falling spread-eagled through the sky before they opened their parachutes and drifted down. I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do.’
Her husband Gordon persuaded the Army into letting her tag onto an army free-fall course at Netherhavon. The first woman ever to do the course and graduated as a fully-fledged skydiver.
When her husband was posted to Malawi to help train the Malawian armed forces she started up a parachute club and became its chief instructor.
During her time in Malawi, Ingrid trekked down to South Africa and passed a very rugged test to become the first woman in Africa to hold a ‘D’ licence – the laurels of the parachuting world
She captained the Malawi team to several international meets and completed a number of ‘link up’s as well as night jumps and on one occasion made a decent from over 18000 feet.
‘The important thing to me is free falling – it’s something I can’t explain, but every jump is different, it’s always exciting.’
The story of Ingrid’s achievements, in the Skydiving world, is even more remarkable, when she tells of her survival from the ‘horrors’ she suffered during the fall of Berlin in 1945 when, at the age of 15, she became separated from her family and fell victim to the savagery of the advancing Soviet Army during the final battle for Berlin.
Ingrid’s story is a triumph of survival and achievement which began one day when she looked up whilst ‘Hanging out the Washing.’

Author: David Price

Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do: The Most Respected Post War Korean Kwan by Losik Ph.D, Len

Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do describes the creation, evolution and history of first Korean martial art Kwan by Grandmaster, Won Kuk Lee who was the first to open a martial arts Kwan and use Tang Soo Do as the name of his style in Korea’s Post World War II extreme environment. The author describes Chung Do Kwan’s travels through the new post war Korean government to become Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do and whose relationship with the Japanese occupying force that allowed Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee to teach Tang Soo Do before the Japanese were forced to leave Korea by the U.S. military and his success in Chung Do Kwan Tang Soo Do and Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do that caused Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee to immigrate to the United States at invitation by U.S. Army General William Westmorlan and live in Washington D.C. Includes a substantial Bibliography, Glossary and Index for the readers convenience.

Author: Losik Ph.D, Len

Yosemite Solo (Ways to Be Alive Book 10) by David Conway

From the essay: “Sometimes, you have to do things for yourself—even if those you love don’t understand—even if you don’t—and you live with the consequences. For me, not making this hike would have been the first failure. On the other hand, there is nothing in the world wrong with not taking these risks—if that is the kind of person that you are. It is certainly good to know the kind of person that you are, because it makes life so much easier.”

An essay about a four-day solo Yosemite backcountry hike along the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River trail, about the need to get away and the desire to return and about some of the things that can go wrong.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a how-to article about backcountry hiking or a story about intrepid ultralight backpacking or marathon through hiking. This is the grueling, step-by-step chronicle of a July hike in Yosemite National Park, of being out there on your own in the Sierra Nevada mountains, away from your family, covering ground, and taking note of everything that you can see and most things that you imagine.

Author: David Conway

My Life Among the Indians (Illustrated) by George Catlin

George Catlin was a fascinating figure of the nineteenth century, an artist-explorer who ventured deep into the wilds of the newly discovered Americas to paint the rapidly vanishing indigenous populations, their leaders, warriors, medicine men and scenes from their modes of life. The gifts Catlin received over the years from these remote peoples formed the basis for a vast, important collection which Catlin loaned to the world’s biggest museums, together with his portraits. Because of the stunning, life-like likenesses he created, the awed tribes dubbed Catlin Te-hee-pe-nee Washed which means The Great White Medicine.This new 2017 edition of My Life Among the Indians is illustrated with many examples of Catlin’s artwork from this period.

Author: George Catlin

Pedaling Home: One Woman’s Race Across the Arizona Trail by Sarah Ruth Jansen

A philosopher from Minnesota returns to her childhood home to join a handful of adventure racers for the “Arizona Trail Race 750”. The world’s longest trail bike race, the AZTR runs 750 rugged miles along the Arizona Trail from Mexico to Utah. Enduring complete bike failure (which ends Sarah’s shot at the women’s course record) and the death of a family member, Sarah finds a way to make it to the Grand Canyon. There she faces the greatest challenge yet: a marathon trek through the canyon with her mountain bike strapped to her back, all while coming to terms with what it means to be home. Her amazing story follows a quirky cast of endurance bike racers, interweaving adventure, philosophy, Arizona history and family lore.

Author: Sarah Ruth Jansen

The Camino Ingles: 6 days (or less) to Santiago by Susan Jagannath

Do you think you are too old, too young, or not fit enough for an adventure?
Banish that thought!
Do you want to trek the famous 500 mile/800 km Camino Frances in Spain, but don’t have 30+ days for that trek? Or are you terrified of the required fitness, research, and planning?
The Camino Ingles is the answer!
Walking the Camino was a goal of mine last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. I had never even walked five miles, I’m not a gym junkie but I wanted to walk the Camino to prove to myself that I could achieve a goal. But, I didn’t have the time for 500 miles, then, I heard of the Camino Ingles. The shorter time and distance of the Camino Ingles was the clincher, and I set out on a quieter, less travelled and less well documented walk through Spain. And to my surprise, I succeeded.
This book helps you to set a practical goal and achieve it, by showing you exactly how to:
Walk the Camino Ingles, an ancient route as old as the Camino FrancesPrepare your mind, body and feet to enjoy the long walkPack and what to discard to travel lightPlan your travel and arrival in Spain in the shortest timeDecide on strategies to overcome obstaclesFind the medieval way posts for an authentic experienceWhat to eat and where to eat it to enjoy the food of SpainBook, or not book your bed for a good nights’ restGet your Compostela in SantiagoFind more information if you really want it
Follow this book to complete a real pilgrimage trek in only 6 days, there is enough detail to guide you each day. Go on, what’s stopping you? It’s only one step at a time!
Scroll to the top and click the “Buy now” button

Author: Susan Jagannath

Bermuda essential Travel Guide 2018: Essential Guide for Visiting Bermuda: Bermuda books by Steve R

Welcome to Bermuda

Uncover all of the culture and natural beauty of Bermuda with the help of this travel guide.

With this guide in your pocket you will be able to …

Discover insider tips and tricks

Learn about the dos and don’ts of the culture

Get inspiration for adventures, activities and sightseeing

Everyone needs a little guidance now and then and by grabbing yourself a Bermuda Travel Guide, you can get acquainted with these islands well before your travels. Vacations go by fast but getting yourself prepared before you go can give you extra time to explore.

Throughout this travel guide you will discover:

The top attractions to visit in Bermuda

Safety warnings and tips for Bermuda travel

A breakdown of Bermuda weather

Facts and stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle

With this must-have guide, you will have access to all of the necessary Bermuda info with a whole supply of useful tips and a splash of entertainment.

By downloading yourself a copy of the Bermuda Travel Guide, you can be on your way to planning your most memorable vacation of the year.

Author: Steve R

Manchester City Quiz Book: 2019/20 Edition by Chris Carpenter

Are you a true Man City fan? Do you follow every match? Have you picked up lots of little known facts about Manchester City FC along the way? Then the time has come to put your knowledge to the test with this fun and enjoyable Manchester City Football Club quiz book.

Brand new for the 2015/16 season, this book contains one hundred and one informative and entertaining trivia questions with multiple choice answers.

With 101 questions, some easy, some more challenging, this entertaining book will test your knowledge and memory of the club’s long and successful history. The book is packed with information and is a must-have for all loyal City supporters.

You will be asked a hat full of wonderful questions on a wide range of topics associated with Manchester City Football Club for you to test yourself. You will be quizzed on players, legends, managers, opponents, transfer deals, trophies, records, honours, fixtures, terrace songs and much more, guaranteeing you both an educational experience and hours of fun.

Sample questions include:- Who was the youngest ever goalscorer? What song do the players run out to? Who was the club’s first foreign signing?

Why you should buy this book
Educational, enjoyable and fun, this Man City Quiz Book will provide the ultimate in entertainment for Manchester City FC fans of all ages, and will test your knowledge of this historic club and prove you know your City trivia in this fun addictive quiz book.

This is a must-have book for every true sky blue lover, so download it now!

Author: Chris Carpenter