Dream (Skins Book 1) by Garrett Leigh

I can’t sleep… When unrequited love leaves Dylan Hart sleepless and nursing his wounds, instinct draws him to the one place he’s found mindless respite in the past—Lovato’s. It’s a place for every fantasy — for crazy-hot encounters — where a night of insane NSA sex brings relief to Dylan’s fragile feelings. It should be a perfect escape, and for one magical night it seems that way, but then worlds collide, and reality bites when his hookup desperately needs a friend. Surely Dylan can’t trust his instincts when friendship has bruised his heart so badly before? It’s burying me alive… The deck is stacked against former ballet dancer Angelo Giordano ever finding real love. At least visiting Lovato’s offers respite from a life defined by illness; a glimmer of light in the dull grey of his so-called life without dance. But then he encounters Dylan — a glorious ray of the brightest sunshine — who makes his heart pound once more with purpose. Angelo’s mind is blown by this man, but the disease that ended his career won’t let him bask in new love. He’s drowning, and Dylan can’t save him while insecurities swamp them both. The only way to make it means confronting their demons. If Dylan can turn his back on the past, and Angelo can face his uncertain future, maybe they can chase their dreams together.Standalone. 60000 words. First in the electric new series from bestselling author Garrett Leigh.

Author: Garrett Leigh

Top 10’s of Thailand: The Guide of Highlights by Ben Sonimsart

The first Thailand guide book of its kind! Everything Thai has done the hard work so you don’t have to. Picking out the very best of the best. Discover everything from the most popular must sees and must dos, to the more off the beaten path attractions and activities. Inside you will find amazing options for Northern, Southern and Central Thailand. Written by Ben Sonimsart, a half Thai half English travel blogger who has visited the country multiple times, experiencing it both as a tourist and a local. The top 10 highlights from the top 10 most popular areas of interest have been selected. Developed by using a mixture of the author’s personal experience coupled with advice from his Thai family and other travellers. The book was never intended to be a full blown guide book with overwhelming amounts of information. Instead, it is user friendly, easy to navigate and will save the reader months of research. Although very informative, it is still designed to be simple and straight to the point. High quality photos have been used to better aid you in your research. It is the prefect reference point for top tips, advice and great ideas, which will help you make the very best out of your visit to Thailand.The 10 Chapters Include:Chapter 1 – Top 10 TemplesChapter 2 – Top 10 BeachesChapter 3 – Top 10 National ParksChapter 4 – Top 10 MarketsChapter 5 – Top 10 Festivals Chapter 6 – Top 10 Party SpotsChapter 7 – Top 10 Alternative Attractions Chapter 8 – Top 10 FoodsChapter 9 – Top 10 Thai Words / Sentences Chapter 10- Top 10 Tips for travelling / Visiting ThailandYou will also find information on:FAQ For ThailandWeather in ThailandUseful Telephone Numbers

Author: Ben Sonimsart

Sugar and its effect on the Body: The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth by LOREN JENSEN

Is Sugar really that Bad for You?

We tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is not sweet and sugary at all. On the contrary, the taste of this truth is rancorous and upsetting. You are going to receive an unpleasant jolt from what we hold for you in the book.
However, the same book provides you a list of healthy alternatives to the killer sugar and if you successfully incorporate these alternatives into your daily diet, they will assist you lead a healthy and delightful life.

The lip-smacking sensation that scratches your taste buds are delivered by to you by the table sugar, but we request you to mug up the harsh reality that, this same sugar is not your friend but your enemy. It is the same destroyer sugar which is holding spare weight onto your body, ditching you to appear old and stout; it nourishes malignant cells in your body, upsurges the levels of bad cholesterol, deteriorates your vision, interferes with assimilation of proteins, damages the arrangement of DNA in the cells of your body, produces food allergies and many more damages. The facts provided in this e-book are supported by numerous latest research studies, so this book could serve as a source of information for individuals of every age group. This book could function as a great gift for those whom you love and care.

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Keto Desserts: 104 Step by Step low-carb Recipes to lose weight fast without giving up desserts by Sarah Foster

How to be skinny with the ultimate Keto dessert cookbook with prep/cooking time and difficulty rate!This book will mainly focus on keto desserts that you can still enjoy even if you are on a keto diet.Starting out on a new diet can oftentimes be difficult, but swapping ingredients and looking for alternatives will make your diet easier. One of the basics of the keto diet is to better know what’s keto friendly and what’s not. This book will show you just that. Table of contents:Chapter 1 – The Basics of the Ketogenic DietChapter 2 – Dessert Keto BowlsChapter 3 – Keto JamsChapter 4- Muffins, Cookies, and CakesChapter 5 – Parfait and Granola Recipes

Author: Sarah Foster

Bedtime Stories for Kids: Meditations Stories for Kids and Children with Dragons and Dinosaurs. Help Your Children Asleep. Go to Sleep Feeling Calm and Learn Mindfulness. Aesop’s Fables. BOOK 4 by Mamalla Noble

DRAGONS & DINOSAURS all for your KIDSDo your children like listening to a story?Ѕtоrу iѕ a trаditiоnаl fоrm of ѕtоrуtеlling, where a ѕtоrу iѕ told tо a сhild at bеdtimе tо рrераrе thе child fоr sleep.The bеdtimе ѕtоrу has long bееn соnѕidеrеd “a dеfinitе inѕtitutiоn in mаnу fаmiliеѕ”.Rеаding bеdtimе ѕtоriеѕ уiеldѕ multiрlе benefits for раrеntѕ аnd сhildrеn аlikе.Kids across all phase of ages develop a special interest and love listening to stories before going to bed.Each story is usually less than 20 minutes long, hopefully just long enough to keep your toddler, preschoolers, and young children aged 2-13, or the whole family engaged.This book will go a long way helping kids to have a better sleep when the parents take their time reading a bedtime stories about dragons and dinosaurs to them before going to bed.Drаgоnѕ and Dinоѕаurѕ once roamed the Eаrth milliоnѕ and millions оf уеаrѕ ago.Today, thanks tо the еffоrtѕ оf mаnу litеrаturеѕ and аrtѕ books, we ѕtill gеt a glimрѕе оf thеir livеѕ аnd thеir lооkѕ.However, hоw muсh dо we асtuаllу know аbоut their реrѕоnаl lives bасk thеn?Hоw аbоut a соllесtiоn оf ѕtоriеѕ from the реrѕресtivеѕ оf thе livеѕ of several оf thеѕе enticing сrеаturеѕ bасk then?”Cоllесtiоn оf Shоrt Dragons and Dinosaur stories” iѕ writtеn frоm thе perspectives of the different tуреѕ оf drаgоnѕ аnd dinоѕаurѕ thаt lived оn рlаnеt Eаrth a lоng time аgо.Be рrераrеd tо go оn a thrilling roller coaster ridе of еmоtiоnѕ as wе trаvеl back in time tо gеt аn insight of a роѕѕiblе dау in thеir livеѕ.Kidѕ аrе аlwауѕ hарру rеаding аbоut dragons and dinоѕаurѕ.Therefore, thiѕ соllесtiоn of their ѕtоriеѕ will make all the kidѕ mоrе hаррiеr reading thеm.Stаrt rеаding thiѕ fоr уоur kidѕ аѕ уоu fоllоw the diffеrеnt drаgоnѕ and dinos оn a ѕееminglу nоrmаl day оf thеir livеѕ…If all of this sounds like your ideal book, then hop on over and hit now that buy button!Well, stress no more! Buy this book and also learn all…and DOWNLOAD IT NOW!**For a Limited Time If You Buy the Paperback Version of this Book Can get the Kindle Book version for FREE **

Author: Mamalla Noble

I Love the Philippines! A Comprehensive Pocket Travel Guide for First Time Travelers: A Local’s Guide to the 20 Best Destinations- What to See, Do, Stay and Eat on Your Grand Adventure! by Catherine Torres

I Love the Philippines! A Comprehensive Pocket Travel Guide for First Time TravelersA Local’s Guide to the 20 Best Destinations- What to See, Do, Stay and Eat on Your Grand Adventure!Have you ever wanted to take a vacation to unplug from technology?Do you enjoy rafting, surfing, or caving adventures?What about lounging on a breezy, sunny, white sand beach while sipping a cool beverage?What if I told you that you could have all of these amazing trips in one exotic and interesting destination?The rich archipelago of the Philippines is composed of more than 7,000 islands. It beckons to you with its lush tropical forests and exotic comfort food. The sunsets are marvelous, and the beaches are divine.There’s something about the way sunlight falls in the right amount of patches on the filtered forest floor.Imagine how delicately the soft breeze blows through the crisp morning air amid the backdrop of majestic lagoons.Swim through clear waters near the shore.Look out over infinity pools into the breathtaking sunset.Stroll through a marketplace on a lazy day out.Enjoy a candlelit dinner by the beach under the stars.With that introduction, let me share with you these insider tips and tricks about traveling to the archipelago, written by a true native-born local.I outline the top tourist destinations and hidden gems not everyone might know about. Take it from someone who’s experienced the best of both worlds!Visitors can marvel at Albay’s perfectly coned Mount Mayon. Still, as terrifying as the awe-inspiring volcano is, it has a special place in the hearts of hopeless romantics. There’s truly nothing more interesting than local folklore!Mount Mayon is steeped in local folklore and cultural beliefs. The most famous of which is the story of two star-crossed lovers in the olden times. Perhaps it’s this tragic ending to the tale of two star-crossed lovers that allures visitors to flock to the jewel of Albay year after year.In this pocket travel guidebook, I will give you the vital information you’ll need to be a savvy tourist.I show you how to get to more than 20 interesting destinations- from the simple trips near Manila to more exotic locales like Boracay, El Nido and Batad.I tell you exactly where to stay, what to eat, and what to do in each locale.This book is full of tips, tricks, and practical travel advice from a real native-born resident for your stay in the Philippines.I wrote this book in an easy to follow conversational style. It feels as if you’re having lunch with a Filipino friend who is telling you all about what you can expect during your upcoming trip.In this Guide, I impart to you some valuable advice about:WeatherHospitalityFoodTransportationTechnologyVisasCurrencyLanguageTraveler SafetySome of the locales that I describe to you in detail include:TagaytayBaguioBataanBanaue/BatadVigan, IlocosSagadaBaler, AuroraAlbay, BicolCebuBoholBoracayEl NidoCoronSiargaoCagayan de OroDavaoSamalI hope this book piques your interest in this diverse and exotic country. I hope reading this guidebook will make you want to hop on that plane and experience this great land for yourself.As a bonus, if you purchase the paperback book on Amazon, you can get the eBook version for FREE!

Author: Catherine Torres

Knowing Zip (Cyborg Sizzle Book 11) by Cynthia Sax

Abducted by the warrior of her dreams.Zip is the last of his friends to find his female, the one being meant for him. He isn’t certain she exists until he hears her voice over a transmission. A self-proclaimed systems deity, he researches his curvy little human and discovers she dreams of being abducted by a big, strong warrior. Zip plans to make his female’s fantasies come true.Ryssa wants one gift for her birthing planet rotation—to be captured by a warrior, preferably a tall, muscular cyborg with black hair, gray skin, and brilliant blue eyes. When Zip arrives on her planet, claiming to be her male, Ryssa assumes one of her friends has ordered the experience for her, and throws herself into the encounter, losing herself in Zip’s hot kisses, sensual touch, dominant embrace.When the fantasy fades, will their love survive?Knowing Zip is a short companion story in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is meant to be read after Seeking Vector.It is also a BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes violent universe.

Author: Cynthia Sax

High-Performance Computing Lens: AWS Well-Architected Framework (AWS Whitepaper) by AWS Whitepapers

November 2017This document describes the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The document covers common HPC scenarios and identifies key elements to ensure your workloads are architected according to best practices. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it in PDF format at https://aws.amazon.com/whitepapers/.

Author: AWS Whitepapers

The Silver Kingdom (The Legend of Erren-dar Book 4) by R.J. Grieve

Sendrin of Gorlind is in determined pursuit of his sister, Galenne, abducted by a servant of the Dark Prince. He is leading a strange group of companions – including Berendore of Westrin, a forest guide, a reformed pirate and a runaway apprentice sage – northwards towards the lair of the Destroyer in a bid to rescue her. Driven relentlessly by an instinct which tells him that his sister’s life now hangs by a thread, he is prepared to take insane risks to catch up with her before the strange creature that holds her in thrall, forces her to cross the Great Chasm and she is lost for ever. But Sendrin’s single-minded pursuit places the entire expedition in the gravest danger. Moreover, the company is as yet unaware that one of their number is not who they appear to be, and a long-hidden secret is about to be revealed that will shake the Kingdom of Eskendria to its foundations.

Author: R.J. Grieve